Composing a world of colour through luxury collections that always carry a strong undertone of tropical resort wear, designers Meg and Mana are inspired by their surroundings and the island lifestyle of Aotearoa. 

For Meg and Mana, Cuda is a natural expression as women and as artists. Coming from their love of working together with colour, fabrics and the knowing need to express themselves. It is their read on and portrayal of what it means and feels like to be women. The way one loves and the experiences one has, are expressed through fashion and integrated as a part of everyday life

Praising quality over quantity, they enjoy being a part of all processes involved in the slow fashion journey, working and producing locally with the incredible NZ fashion community. To further their love for craftmanship and embellishment they recently made the long awaited trip to India, where they connected with an incredible team and worked alongside local artisans to further bring their vision to life.