Cuda Sisters was founded in 2009 by best friends Meg Cuda and Mana Cuda in Auckland’s Karangahape Rd, Aotearoa (New Zealand). This memorable meeting of like minds culminated in the launch of their first collection “Dance the Forbidden Dance” in 2011. Through thunderstorms and wildfires the sisters' evolution, creative exploration and infinite devotion to empowering one's own expression through fashion, costume, art, performance and imagination grew and, in 2020 CUDA was born.
CUDA is distinguished by the unconventional way Meg and Mana approach everything they do. Separately they have strength but together they are a powerhouse of impossibility. The Cuda Sisters tell a story of rebellious femininity and fearless theatrics, the CUDA story travels vast lands and glittering galaxies using constellations to guide the way, allowing the Cuda Sisters to weave tales of beauty, power and seduction into their collections.